September 24, 2012

State Dept Aid to Michael Hastings Have a Nice Life

Ahhh the Obama Administration's State Department using uncivilized verbiage in an age of uncivilized verbiage.

Buzzfeed: Michael Hastings 
Sent: Sunday, September 23, 2012 10:32 AM
To: Reines, Philippe I 
Subject: Request for comment

A few quick questions for you. Why didn't the State Department search the consulate and find AMB Steven's diary first? What other potential valuable intelligence was left behind that could have been picked up by apparently anyone searching the grounds? Was any classified or top secret material also left? Do you still feel that there was adequate security at the compound, considering it was not only overrun but sensitive personal effects and possibly other intelligence remained out for anyone passing through to pick up? Your statement on CNN sounded pretty defensive--do you think it's the media's responsibility to help secure State Department assets overseas after they've been attacked?

I'd put the Secretary Clinton's Aide's response next, although it contains language that the innocent virgin ears are Jawa Report might find shocking.

So go read the rest.

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