September 23, 2012

Chris "Tingles" Matthews Further Slips From Reality; Claims Middle East 'Totally Peaceful' As It Has Been For 2,000 Years

Tingles lived in the Middle East (in Israel, of course) for a whole month and saw Jews and Muslims intermingling and "totally getting along" like they have been for 2,000 years:

“I went over and I lived a month in the Old City of Jerusalem…you have the guys in the black hats, the ultra-religious Jewish people…the Islamic people praying five times a day– all intermingling in the streets. Totally peaceful! It’s totally getting along together, it’s [been] going on for 2,000 years. People can live together with different religious beliefs.”

I wonder if he'd see that same peaceful mingling in other Middle East cities? Maybe in Tehran? How about Ramallah or Rafah? Or maybe even Mecca? Please, Tingles, please visit those cities and let us know how Jews and Muslims are living together with different religious beliefs.

Watch the video (if you can tolerate Tingles for that long)

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