September 20, 2012

Austin, Texas: Deers For Romney

Smart deer

No, really

[American Thinker]Texas may be a red state but the capital of Austin is Obama country. It's thus not unusual to see myriad Obama campaign signs in nice neighborhoods -- displayed on one manicured front lawn after another.

How, then, to account in a pro-Obama neighborhood for a shocking act of vandalism occurring on the front lawn of Tom and Beth Priem -- their Obama sign destroyed, torn to shreds. They put a new sign up, and it happened again. Four times in all.

Was it the act of a violent and deranged Romney supporter? The Priems wanted to know. As reporter Pamela Cosel explained on the website of KXAN, a local television news channel:

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Word is, the Republican Party of Texas has a deer whisperer on their staff.


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