September 19, 2012

French Mag Pictures Mohammad's Junk (Update: It Begins ...)(Update: Video Added)

Wow, and you thought simply showing an image of the "Prophet" Mohammad was going to get people killed?

I think I'm upping my ante to, say, 100 +/- 5 killed. And as many of you noted, this is France, so we'll throw in a couple of dozen cars for good measure.

These pictures actually are offensive. Which is why I'm showing them.


Maybe it's me, but isn't it weird that Muhammad's b-hole is censored but not his .... frank and beans?

Also, I don't speak French, but are the two naked images of Mohammad or of a Muslim invoking Muhammad's name? I can't really tell.

But to be on the safe side I'm going to say they're both Mohammad.

The safe side in this case being the side of freedom and liberty vs. the forces of darkness and repression.

And it is possible for a Muslim to be both offended by these images and still lend their voice to the forces of liberty by standing up for the right of people to mock their religion.

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UPDATE: So, how do you get back at a French magazine for publishing naked images of Mohammad?

A small package bomb exploded inside a kosher grocery store in a Paris suburb Wednesday, wounding at least one person, according to an agency that tracks anti-Semitic attacks in France.
Bomb Jews, of course. Every knows the Jews are the real power behind everything.

This also brings up an interesting point for the dead pool. So far we have people murdered in the name of defending Muhammad's honor category and French cars destroyed in the name of defending Islam category, but we forgot the people injured or mamed in the name of Islam category.

Sorry about that. We'll do better in the future.

Update II by SH: [h/t FlaviusJulius] "Charlie Hebdo Mohammed cartoons with English translation ", YouTube style:

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