September 19, 2012

Muslim Rage & The Last Gasp of Islamic Hate

Ayaan Hirsi Ali writes why she thinks the current uprisings in the Islamic world may be marking the end of Islamism:

How often have I endured bizarre conversations with government officials who cling to the illusion that the threat is temporary or that it can be negotiated. And then there are the even more delusional positions staked out by some prominent intellectuals who blame the writer, the politician, the filmmaker, or the cartoonist for provoking the threat. In the days after van Gogh was murdered, too many prominent Dutch individuals expressed precisely this position, declaring smugly, “Yes, of course killing is wrong, but Theo was a provocateur ...” Will they never cease looking for ever more ingenious ways of apologizing for free speech?

As the latest wave of indignation sweeps across the Muslim world, we should not be despondent. Yes, this is a setback for the Arab Spring. Yes, it is bloody, dangerous, and chaotic on the streets. Yes, innocent people are dying and their governments are powerless. But this too shall pass.

The article is a very optimistic view for everyone who supports free speech. Read it all.


Also, Newsweak's #MuslimRage Twitter hashtag backfires:

It was supposed to provoke a discussion of why Muslims are so angry in the wake of the release of a film trailer critical of the Prophet Muhammad.

Instead, the hashtag became a way for many to critique Newsweek.

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