September 18, 2012

The "How many people will be murdered over French Mohammad cartoon?" betting pool

UPDATE 9/19/2012: The cover image below isn't half as offensive as the ones inside the magazine which show Muhammad naked. I've put the images of naked Mohammad here.


The French magazine Charlie Hedbo is planning on releasing another cartoon depicting the so-called "prophet" Muhammad.

Here's the image that is so "offensive". I mean, that's worth rioting over, right?


Before the paper even hit the streets the purveyors of perpetual outrage were lining up their minions to try and suppress free speech:

Even before news of Charlie Hebdo's plans emerged, France's large Muslim community was being urged to take to the streets in defiance of an official ban on demonstrations over the controversial film.

Messages on Twitter and social networking sites called for demonstrations to be held Saturday in Paris, Marseille and other major cities, a week after police in the capital arrested 150 people for taking part in a rowdy protest near the US embassy.

Most messages read "Don't touch my Prophet", a variation of the French anti-racism slogan "Don't Touch my Mate" popular in the 1980s

So, let's start a dead pool here. I know it's in bad taste, but I'm in no mood to give these religious fascists even an inch.

I'm going with 20 +/- 3 murdered in the name of defending Muhammad's so-called "honor".

Any takers?

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