September 17, 2012

Full Movie: The Innocence of Muslims [UPDATE: Not Full Movie]

So far we've only seen the rather pathetic trailer for the movie that is allegedly causing "outrage" in the Muslim world. Here's the entire movie.

Why post it? For the same reason that I carry a gun: Because I can.

Oddly, the video begins with some poorly edited al Qaeda propaganda videos. And I think the intro at the beginning about the poster being a Christian from Iraq is just something added on by the guy posting the video, not the ones who made it. But, that's just a guess.

Actually, I haven't watched it. I began to, and then started skipping around. I just don't have the time to watch something so poorly executed. It's embarrassing in that I'm embarrassed for the producer kind of a way.

It's flinchingly bad. I think the world would be served if it was viewed MST 3000 style.

However, I do have both the time and inclination to watch the Muslim world implode over something as stupid as this. Sometimes the best course of action is the one that reveals just who the enemies of freedom are.

Let it be noted that the apocalypse didn't start with the return of a messiah, the assassination of an Archduke, or with the accidental release of a government engineered virus.

It began with a movie. A pathetic movie.

If this is how future history records this moment, then civilization as we know it deserves an end.

UPDATE: Misplaced boldly went where I was too bored to go and watched the thing a little more in depth. Apparently it's just the same 15 minutes of footage found in the "trailer" looped over and over again.

So instead of wasting 90 minutes of your time it just wastes 15 minutes.

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