September 17, 2012

Fatwa This: Salmon Rushdie Protests Deeply Uncivilized


And also on Morning Edition, author Salman Rushdie who for more than two decades has been a marked man because Iranian leader Ayatollah Khomeini declared that his book The Satanic Verses was "against Islam" and that Rushdie was therefore "sentenced to death" shared his view about the people responsible for such violence.

It is the "mindset of the fanatic, mindset of the tyrant" to respond to an insult to one's religion with violence, Rushdie told host Steve Inskeep. "To murder people who had nothing to do with it," he added, is a "deeply uncivilized attitude."

"Something has gone wrong inside the Muslim world," Rushdie continued. Just a few decades ago, he said, major cities in the Arab and Muslim world were outward-looking. But "in the last half century, these cultures seem to have slid backwards into medievalism and represssion. ... It is one of the great self-inflicted wounds."

If you listen to the whole interview, Rushdie at the end plays lip service to condemning the video behind all this. You can get the quote here.

That is if the video is really what's behind this, rather than a bone tossed to the media. But since its OK to criticize the satirical film clip I might as well join the crowd.

The production value was crappy and it was basically a cheap assed knockoff of the Life of Brian. But it did have a few good jokes in it. I mean the ones where they tease Muhammad about being a little bastard were pretty funny. At least I thought so.

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