September 14, 2012

Another Egyptian Coptic Offense Against Islam Worthy of Death

Accidentally burning a Muslim's shirt.

1 August 2012

Police in Dahshur early on Wednesday fired teargas to stop a Muslim mob from setting fire to a church, but the rioters instead torched several Christian properties and three police cars, officials said.

Ten policemen were among the 16 injured, according to the authorities.

The office of the local Coptic archbishop of Giza said the entire Christian population of Dahshur had now fled, according to the Associated Press.

The rioters "looted and torched shops, including a jewellery shop... and terrorised the local community, forcing them to leave their homes", the agency quoted the statement as saying.

Tension first erupted on Friday after a Christian laundry worker was accused by a Muslim client of singeing his shirt while ironing it.

Burned the shirt? OMFG! Why that is like totally Haram, surely the good Muslims will exact justice from these so called Copts for such an insult against the Prophet, Inshaallah?

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