September 12, 2012

AQAP #2 al Shihri may not be dead

Dagnabbit. In an interview in the Saudi Okaz, the Yemeni Interior Minister says he has no info on whether AQAP #2 al Shihiri was killed in an air strike, and he says to ask the Defense Ministry which originally reported the story through an anonymous official. Meanwhile AQAP denies he's dead, and they are usually the most accurate in this situation, unfortunately.

Its quite possible the US media was spun by the Yemeni DOD for the 9/11 anniversary. I thought it was way too quick for all the al Shihri obits, because the Yemeni Defense Ministry has released total disinformation time and time and time again, see my earlier post. I don't know if hes dead or not, but I wouldn't count on it. Its the fifth time he's been announced as killed or captured.

See al Masdar (ar) Yemeni Interior Minister skeptical of information killed Qaeda's second-in-Said al-Shihri

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