September 12, 2012

Arab Spring! Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Call For Nationwide Protests Over Outrage Over Something
Update: Apology Not Accepted Kaffir!
President Morsi's Tepid Response

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The religion of perpetual outrage continues to rage:

Egypt's powerful Muslim Brotherhood on Wednesday called for nationwide protests Friday after a film deemed offensive to Islam sparked a deadly attack in Libya and furious protests in Cairo.

The Brotherhood calls "for peaceful protests on Friday outside all the main mosques in all of Egypt's provinces to denounce offenses to religion and to the Prophet," the Muslim Brotherhood's Secretary General Mahmud Hussein said in a statement.

He also urged all "national forces to join the protests."

The Muslim Brotherhood, from which President Mohammed Morsi emerged, is the largest and most organized political force in the country.

"Peaceful" my arse.

BTW, a little bit of OWS and Anonymous types joined alQaeda supporters protest yesterday:

egypt_alqaeda flag.jpg
Image from yesterday's outrage

Here are the the above rage boys in action:

Thanks to DMartyr

Update II: Now Deleted apology not accepted kaffir! They want more blood, hence this Friday's " million rage boys day of hate" protest.

In reaction to the film, hundreds of followers of Islamic movements yesterday surrounded the entrances leading to the American embassy in Cairo to denounce the film that offends the Prophet Muhammad, which was produced in collaboration with Coptic Egyptian immigrants in the United States. The US embassy had a heavy security presence in order to protect the premises.

The protest was attended by leaders of Islamic movements, most notably Mohammad al-Zawahiri, brother of al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri; a number of sons of Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman, the Emir of the Gamaa Islamiyya group; Sheikh Gamal Saber, coordinator of the Hazimoun movement and Sheikh Abu-Yahya al-Masri, spokesman for the Salafist “Voice of Wisdom Coalition,” which called for the protests.

Zawahiri said that the US government's response — by issuing a statement through its embassy in Cairo condemning the producers of the video that insults the Prophet — was not enough. He added that the filmmakers should be arrested and brought to trial, like Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman [blind shiekh..cornholing in prison here..ed], who was falsely accused of slander and inciting violence.

Gamal Saber, coordinator of the Hazimoun movement and co-founder of the Egyptian Umma Party, said that there is ongoing coordination between Islamic and revolutionary forces to organize a million-man demonstration in the event of the film being aired in the United States. He said that the forces are demanding that US citizenship be revoked from the Coptic Egyptian immigrants involved in the production of the film and that they be prevented from entering Egypt.

Blah, blah, blah.

Update: Egyptian President Morsi condemns the film makers too

[Googlish]The presidency deplores the most sinful condemnation try a class insulting Ali shrine Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) and condemns people who produced this extreme action and that the people Egyptian Muslims and Christians may reject this insulting sanctities. Also emphasizes the Presidency of the Republic that the Egyptian state is responsible for the protection of private and public property as well as diplomatic missions and the headquarters of embassies of different countries.Also stresses the respect and protection of the right of expression and the right to demonstrate peacefully within the law as Will oppose firmly any attempt is not responsible for lawlessness.

This has commissioned Mr. President / Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt in the United States to take possible legal actions to respond to those persons who seek to sabotage the relations And dialogue between peoples and nations.

Yeah, legal action aka Islamic blasphemy law.

Not in your dreams bitch!

Arab Spring! The Brother of Al Qaeda Leader Joined In The Protest At The US Embassy In Cairo

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