September 12, 2012

Where Were The Marines?

From Breitbart:

Security at the consulate was apparently provided by Libyan nationals hired by the United States. While security for American embassies is typically provided by our own Marines, the two Marines reported killed in yesterday's attacks appear not to have been stationed at the embassy, but were sent there from another unknown location as the violence erupted. There is also no indication if these two Marines were the only American military personnel on site at the time of Ambassador Stevens's death.

All reports indicate that the security forces at the consulate were overwhelmed by the size of the militant crowds and offered no resistance as they stormed the building, looted it, and killed the four Americans.

As the facts surrounding the destruction of the American consulate and death of Ambassador Stevens become known, investigators will focus on these questions: Did the State Department provide adequate security for our embassy staff there? If not, why not?

And finally, the most important question of all: Where were the Marines?

One of the most volatile areas in the world and our embassy wasn't proper protected? Of all the embassies, those near the "Arab spring" should have been given priority.

CBS News is also reporting that those same Libyan guards hired to protect the embassy may have moved the U.S. Ambassador and other embassy workers to a less secure build - and then told the angry mob where they were.

No words can adequately express the outrage I feel right now.

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