September 11, 2012

San Jose Imam Arrested in Mexico, Hezbollah Ties

Another American Muslim arrested as a terrorist, yet I didn't see a single story about this over the past few days. Not even on Fox News. Jewish Press:

Over the weeked, three suspected members of the terrorist organization Hezbollah, a proxy group for Iran, were arrested in the capital city of the Yucatan Province, Mexico.

One of the three, Rafic Mohamad Labboun Allaboun, 44, is a Lebanese American. According to Benito Rosell Isaac, head of the Mexican National Migration Institute (INM) in Yucatan, Labboun had a warrant out for his arrest from Houston, Texas, and he was deported there within hours of his arrest. He had a court appearance on Monday morning, September 10, and then was returned to the San Jose division of the Northern District Court of California....

Labboun was convicted by a jury on July 19, 2010, on seven counts of bank fraud. The fraud involved the creation of false lines of credit between several US banks. Credit cards and checks from those lines were then used to obtain more than $100,000 in gold from Saudi Arabia. The money is believed to have ended up in Lebanon, and was allegedly used to finance terrorist activities by Hezbollah. The money was never recovered.

After he served his time and was released, he jumped parole and fled to Mexico where he and two others were arrested over the weekend and then deported to the US. Local media reported that a full military style assault led to the trio's capture and that this was an indication that far more was going on here then a simple parole violation.

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