September 10, 2012

Group Calls for Further Sanctions Against Islamophone Judge

If people suspicious of Islam are Islamophobes, doesn't that make people who are overly deferential to it Islamophones? I'm not talking about those who fear reprisals from Muslims for this or that imagined offense. Those people are just scared.

I'm talking about your typical liberal multiculturalist who perceives the world in terms of haves and have-nots. Between the powerful and the weak, with justice being accomplished only when the perceived weak group is protected from the powers that be.

Such, I believe, is the case of Judge Mark Martin who dismissed an assault case against a Muslim and then proceeded to lecture the victim for 15 minutes on why Freedom of Speech and Religion do not protect speech which offends Muslims.

The judge has already been privately rebuked by a judicial oversight board, but the folks at The Legal Project believe that further action against the judge is warranted and are appealing for tougher action.

I agree. Unfortunately, though, the rise of academic disciplines based on Marxist notions of power -- such as 'gender studies', 'African-American studies', etc. -- are nearly ubiquitous. On many college campuses classes based within these disciplines are part of the core required curriculum. So it shouldn't be any surprise that the most educated among us, indoctrinated to believe that the proper role of courts is in protecting minorities from the man, would come to the conclusion that the actual victim in this case wasn't, you know, the victim. Since white guys can never be the victim when they hold so much power in society.

So, Islamophones are those that are overly respectful of minority religions such as Islam. It's a statement that they are more enlightened than the rest of America.

You know the type. They drive a Prius and although they don't know much about the NBA and couldn't tell you who won last year's superbowl, they do watch every game of world cup soccer qualifying matches and once were the proud owners of WNBA season tickets.

Also, is the WNBA still a thing? I honestly don't know the answer to that.

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