September 10, 2012

Best Paid, Worst Performing Union Teachers Walk Off Job


Teachers with the highest average salary of $76,000 a year - before benefits - have gone on strike for more pay and better benefits. They currently pay only 3% of their full coverage health care benefits. Keep in mind, Chicago teachers have among the worst performance records. Only 56% of high schoolers go on to graduate.

The city had offered a 16% pay raise and the guarantee that annual raises for experience would never be rescinded, even if the city ran out of funds, but the teacher's union said it wasn't enough. The union is demanding, in addition to pay increases, better working conditions such as more councilors and social workers for the students. In other words, more union jobs at tax payer expense.

Expect Obama to bribe the union for votes turn the the strike into a campaign issue.

Update by SH: Must read by Michelle Malkin: Chicago thuggery personified: Meet Chicago Teachers’ Union president Karen Lewis

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