September 05, 2012

What Hatch Act?: Group: FAA Bosses Urged Workers To Vote Democrat


The Washington, D.C.-based group Cause of Action sent a letter Wednesday to the U.S. Department of Transportation's inspector general saying that in May at a mandatory staff meeting in Seattle, two senior FAA managers told employees that if Republicans win the presidential and congressional elections, the agency would face budget cuts. They allegedly said that if Democrats win, their budget would remain largely unchanged.

One of the managers is alleged to have said that "Republican politicians wished to cut the budget of the FAA, while Democratic politicians intended to keep the FAA budget at the same or similar levels as in recent years. Any cuts in the FAA budget would lead to furloughs, job losses, and pay reductions among FAA employees," the Cause of Action complaint said.

FORWARD comrades!

Cause of Action Exposes Potential Hatch Act Violation at the FAA

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