September 04, 2012


As the Netroots turn.

While you know me as “@shoq,” many close friends have always known me as Matt Edelstein. For reasons I’ve published elsewhere, I’ve never confirmed or denied that name, nor anything else said about me...

I do not, contrary to popular belief, work for George Soros, nor live in my mother’s basement. She is elderly, and I moved here simply so one of her children would be closer to her.

See there you have it, Shoq does live with his mother, but not in the basement and for purely philanthropic reasons. Uh yeah.

Moving on, apparently Shoq has run into some virtual girl troubles. Here is her account of the end of their cyberlove.

The short version of this story is that I fell in love with someone who is incredibly charming, witty, and politically savvy. I adored him. I believed in him. I defended him. I shouldn’t have.
As you might recall Shoq aka Matt Edelstein is a lefty guerrilla marketing and netroots operator. His background can be researched at will at this link.

Those of you who follow the Aaron Worthing and Patterico vs. the bad boys of the Netroots will especially enjoy this.

Jessica, are you going to make any effort to talk to me at all? Or just leave me thinking that you just pushed me to this so you could walk away clean? Do you have any idea how much that hurts?
No crying dumbass!

*But I'm not entirely unsympathetic, I mean that's what you get when you mess around with currently married women who cheat, you get effing PWNED.

*Yes, of course I learned the hard way, what other way is there?


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