September 01, 2012

DNC2012: Giant Sand Sculpture Idolizing Obama Is No More Update: Not Quite

Mt Sandmore

Gee, they worked so hard fixing it after the rain, too!

It was taken down for security reasons cuz a bomb could he hidden in it.

A temporary sand sculpture was slated to be the "ultimate welcome mat" for visitors during the Democratic National Convention has been scrapped for security reasons.

The sculpture was in the process of being built in front of the Ritz-Carlton and was slated to be unveiled to the public on Friday.

Maybe shipping 15.5 tons of sand from Myrtle beach where local, state and federal monies were, and are. being used to repair the diminishing shoreline wasn't such a good idea.
Myrtle Beach area beaches are wider than ever, the result of a two-year renourishment project completed in 1998. It pumped almost five million cubic yards of new sand onto the shores. This $60 million enhancement plan was conducted by the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers with federal, state and local funding in cooperation with Myrtle Beach area municipalities and a national dredging company[...]

Since the original 1998 replenishment, the beach was replenished in 2009 as well in order to protect people and property from storm damage along the shore. According to the US Army Corps of Engineers, it is scheduled to continue to be replenished with Federal, state and local money through 2046.

Yeah, a security threat. Bad publicity for empty chair had nothing at all to do with it.

Update: Hmmm, WBTV (link to security thingy) appears to be incorrect. It was unveiled today[h/t Kevin]. It was, however, damaged from the rains today.

Update II: Ah, mystery solved. The one I linked to was another Obama sculpture. Empty Chair Mt Sandmore is doing just fine

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