August 31, 2012

Chris "Tingles" Matthews: The Jerk Store Called - They're Running Out Of You!

This past week has been difficult for Chris "Tingles" Matthews.

First, he was in a heated exchange with RNC chairman Reince Priebus. Matthews accused the GOP of using racist euphemisms and code words to somehow influence 'racist' Americans. Priebus was clearly unraveled by Matthews' irrational accusations.

Matthews tried the same thing on Newt Gingrich later the same day. But Newt turned the tables on him.

After an MSNBC segment at the RNC, Matthews was on the receiving end of some hecklers. An MSNBC producer came to Matthews defense and shoved the hecklers. You can hear the witness account to that incident HERE.

Today in a restaurant, Matthews got into another confrontation, this time with several GOP delegates. The delegates were taunting Matthews (which I don't condone) and asked him if he got a thrill up his leg during Romney's speech. Matthews left the restaurant, only to angrily (racist code word, sorry) irately return several minutes later to say:

“What’s this, a douchebag convention?”

Seinfeld couldn't have done better. Maybe the guys were douchebags. But really, Tingles, is that the best you could do, even after a few moments to think about a comeback?

When questioned by The Hill about the insult, Matthews stated:

“I was trying in my way to engage, as I often do, with critics, hoping to find some common ground. Sometimes it works out better than this.”

I know I always like to converse with people who call me a douchebag. It's a great icebreaker.

Chris, word of advice - slow down. It's only September. At this rate you are going to have a breakdown before Halloween. I want you to keep it together. At least until November 6th. Then I'll enjoy watching you unravel the rest of the way. Keep this in your thoughts until then: President Romney. Get used to it.

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