August 27, 2012

Caption This: Neil Didn't Do It Himself

Our Narcissist Commander-In-Chief honored a great America hero from the Space Race era by posting a picture of himself gazing at the crescent moon.

(Click For Full Image)

UPDATE: Something struck me as odd about this picture, beyond the narcissistic value. I noted the crescent moon in jest, but that made me curious enough to check the moon phases since Neil Armstrong passed away on the 25th. The moon phase that day was a "waxing gibbous," which means it appeared to be more than a half moon but less than a full moon, and was (is) increasing the illuminated area. So, assuming this picture was taken a day or two after Neil's death, the moon in the picture should be closer to full than a crescent.

I wonder why Obama is gazing at a clearly crescent moon? My conspiratorial side has a few ideas, but I'll spare you.

SooperMexican noticed this as well, and discovered the picture is actually a stock photo.

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