August 25, 2012

Where's Xariif?

It seems he got himself into a bit of trouble:

...officers near University Avenue were told by a dispatcher to look out for "a white male in a red pickup performing oral sex on a white dildo." [...]

After pulling over Brian Wutschke, 45, of Farmington, police searched the interior of his truck and found a sex toy under a flannel shirt. They also noted several pairs of women's panties strewn around the interior, including hanging from the rear-view mirror and the gear shift.

When they performed a pat-down search of the man and reached "the waistline area," officers could feel something vibrating. The man then informed them he also had a sex toy inserted inside him.

My question is: can you really perform oral sex on a dildo? I mean, I know you can have sex with a dildo, but doesn't on a dildo imply the device is getting some sort of pleasure out of it? Does anyone know which is grammatically correct?

That leads me to an idea. I wonder if anyone has come up with a dildo that talks dirty to the person using it? I bet there's a market out there for that... In comments, let me know what you think a talking dildo should say.

One other thing, I bet after this post gets archived, if you Google "dildo" The Jawa Report will be on top. No need to thank me now.

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