August 24, 2012

Multiple People Shot Near Empire State Bldg, Police Say
2 Dead Including Shooter
Perp Named: Jeffrey Johnson


I am hearing the gunman, now dead, was fired and came back to his former work place and started shooting indiscriminately.


A dispute between coworkers exploded into gunfire outside the Empire State Building this morning with the guman killing an innocent bystander before he was fatally shot by police, sources said.

There were a total of 10 people struck and the 9 a.m. shooting sent panicked pedestrians scrambling from the jam-packed intersection of 34th Street and Fifth Avenue[...]

Its unclear what sparked the deadly argument, which happened in the heart of the morning rush on a street loaded with commuters and tourists.

The two men fought right on the sidewalk before one suddenly drew his weapon and opened fire.

Responding NYPD cops fatally shot the gunman.

Update II: News conference, Jeffrey Johnson, age 53, was the gunmen. Johnson was employed at Hazan Imports and was let go in a company downsizing. 2 dead, Johnson and a unnamed bystander age 43. Johnson tried to kill the responding police officers and the police killed him.

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