August 23, 2012

The State Department: "What Palestinian Honor Killings"?!?!

I just about fell off my chair when I read this, especially since I just did a post on honor crimes.

Monday's Daily Press Briefing at the State Department started with Iran's "chest beating" comments about Israel. Natch, a "skinny dipping" question, to hell with talking about the Mad Mullahs

Let’s go to what’s on your minds.

QUESTION: I guess we could kind of stay on the Israel theme. I’m wondering if the – your travel advice, your Travel Warning, or your Consular Information Sheets for Israel have a section on skinny-dipping in the Sea of Galilee – (laughter) – and if not, whether you might be willing to add such a section for certain members of Congress.

MS. NULAND: I think I’m not going to wade into that one at all, Matt. (Laughter.) Thank you for the opportunity, however.

Back to the point of honor crimes, this is pathetic:
QUESTION: So what was the purpose of the meeting with the Quartet? I mean, did it have, like, an agenda? And what was hoped to arrive at, and did he arrive at it?

MS. NULAND: Well, as you know, he saw Prime Minister Netanyahu, he saw President Abbas, he saw many members of their governments, he saw the negotiators. So we always – at the end of those kinds of rounds of intensive dialogue, he generally meets with the Quartet to read them out, to compare notes on what they’ve got from their own meetings, so further coordination with the Quartet.

QUESTION: And finally – I know you guys issued a statement regarding the money on Friday; you responded to the question that was asked by Mr. Matt Lee the day before. I wanted to ask whether you also made conditional on the judicial process in the West Bank. Because as it seems, honor killing is on the rise, and there is a loophole in the law that basically allows the killers to go free. Do you ever make – like, reforming the law to tackle this issue that is becoming a real problem?

MS. NULAND: You mean linking money to this particular --

QUESTION: Yeah. I mean, you linked it to other aspects, to other good behaviors by the Palestinians, but do you ever link it to such things?

MS. NULAND: I don’t have anything particular on that. If we have something – I mean, in general, as you know, this money is designed to support strong institutions of the Palestinian Authority, democratic institutions increasing their services to the Palestinian people. So the degree to which we have issues there and the way governance is handled, we obviously are clear with the Palestinian Authority.

QUESTION: Is this an issue that the State Department would raise – the rise of honor killing?

MS. NULAND: Obviously, it sounds like the kind of issue we would generally raise in the context of our human rights discussion, yeah.

Please, Jill.


MS. NULAND: Yeah. The scarf is the color of your eyes, my dear.

,b>QUESTION: Oh, thank you. They’re – actually, they’re red, but –

MS. NULAND: (Laughter.) We won’t ask about your Eid al-Fitr celebrations.

The broom just swept Palis honor crimes under the rug.

This is the real "War on Women" this administration is afraid to called out for fear of being called Islamophobic.

FORWARD...Sandra Fluke needs your tax dollars for her birth control!

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