August 23, 2012

Retard Orders Hiring of 'Tards

The Retard in Chief at the Justice Department, Eric Holder, apparently believes that the needs of "diversity" are so great that he needs to hire retards*:

The PJ Tatler has obtained documents from the Justice Department detailing efforts to recruit attorneys and staff who are dwarfs or who have “psychiatric disabilities” or “severe intellectual disabilities.” On May 31, 2012, Assistant Attorney General Tom Perez issued a directive to affirmatively recruit people with these “targeted disabilities.” ...

Those with “targeted disabilities” may be hired through a “non-competitive” appointment. That means they don’t have to endure the regular civil service competition among applicants, but can be plucked from the stack of resumes and hired immediately instead.

*With apologies to retards for the insulting comparison between them and Eric Holder.

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