August 23, 2012

Forms Of "Honour" Based Violence And Oppression

This is what Obama's favorite activist, Sandra Fluke, should turn her attention to instead of you conservative bitches, pay for my birth control!

While killing in the name of ‘honour’ is the most discussed aspect of the phenomenon, this is only one aspect of a nexus of control over women’s lives. Women in ‘honour’ cultures may be subjected to constant surveillance, without which it is assumed they may transgress the honour code and bring the family into disrepute. This may imply that women from these cultures have little privacy at home, and few opportunities to socialise outside their kinship network. The family may try to restrict women’s movements to ensure they do not develop relationships outside the family or community grouping, meaning a reduction on women’s freedom of movement and association. Such an ethic of control may reduce women’s opportunities to take part in the social world, form relationships of their choosing, and to seek help in the event of violence or coercion. Women (and men) are expected to conform to the wishes of their elders who are presumed to be acting in for the greater good of the family as a whole; those who insist upon their autonomy are considered selfish and disruptive to the family, and its honour.

Where a perceived slight to the family ‘honour’ has occurred, responses vary, according to the family’s preferences and the public nature of the ‘dishonouring’ behaviour.

Forced abortions and hymen repair

Abductions and imprisonment

Forced marriage

Honor suicide

Honor killings

ROPMA needs a house cleaning.

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