August 22, 2012

CAIR's Advocacy Director Promotes Anti-Americanism and Jew Hatred at DC Rally

Investigative Project:

laims of Jewish control of the media and American politics and alleged war-mongering by Israel and America dominated speeches Friday at an Iranian-inspired rally in Washington, D.C.


"If you love America, you love lying, you love rape, you love murder, you love killing," said Abdul Alim Musa, imam of Washington D.C.'s Masjid Al-Islam and head of a separatist movement called As-Sabiqun. "And then, the Zionist, diabolical, sinister Israeli. Nobody in history, they cry about some Holocaust, we had five or ten people get killed."

Its not us that loves killing, how many times have we been told by Muslims that "we love death as much as you love life." To explain and justify Jihad and terrorism, hmmmm?

If you'r not familiar with Imam Musa..

Abdul Alim was born in Arkansas in 1945 but grew up in Oakland, California during the 1960s. It was during this period that he associated with H. Rap Brown (Imam Jamil Al-Amin), who later converted to Islam.

Having set up a drug dealing operation in Colombia, Musa was arrested on charges including heroin smuggling, currency smuggling and assaulting a federal agent. After evading the authorities for several years, Musa fled to Algeria, where he came in contact with several self-exiled Black Panther leaders such as Eldridge Cleaver. After returning to the US, he turned himself in and was eventually incarcerated at the U.S. Federal Penitentiary in Leavenworth, Kan., among other institutions.

While in prison, Musa converted to orthodox Islam...

Of course he blamed his spreading of Heroin in the black community on da Jooos.

Its not the first time we've caught CAIR hanging with the Jihadi crowd.

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