August 21, 2012

Iran: The Evil Juice Spread Homosexuality Around Teh World!!

Mad Mullah: The Juice made me do this

Ahmadinejad: The Juice made me do this

No, really[Googlish translate]:

Again the Jews

Again, like most human evils suffered financial and human capital in the service of Jewish culture homosexuality was widely spread in the three areas of arts and culture, propaganda and political activists. The specific activities of the established literary awards for writers who write on the subject of homosexuality to the same Zionist political and social support bases in different countries, especially European countries have scope. Based on a survey of the "American Airlines" and the website "Gysyty" has been carried out, the most popular gay city of Tel Aviv is on the ground.

Israel's promotion of homosexuality in the world and is one of the great propaganda like the gay parade is organized in different countries. "Michael Oren," Israel's ambassador to the annual conference of homosexuals in America, "The gay community in Israel, are an integral part of such persons in different sectors of society, including the army, the Knesset, the judiciary, doctors, engineers, teachers and philosophers are seen, Israel is a gay paradise. "

Shhh, don't tell the LGBT activists, such as George Soros' funded Think Progress ones.

h/t Mean Kitteh

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