August 21, 2012

DaTechGuy: Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and Cheryl at St. Anselm College


Yesterday Mitt Romney held his 100th Town Hall meeting at the quad on St. Anselm College in New Hampshire.

It was the first appearance in the Grannie State for Paul Ryan since being named to the GOP ticket and it generated a lot of excitement among the GOP faithful.

The program began at 10:30 and the "doors" opened at 8:30 but the line began forming long before. When I arrived at the secret service station about 7:15 there was already a large crowd waiting to be admitted. After getting my credentials and setting up I went back and interviewed people in line. Three things stood out in these interviews:

1. The meme we have heard for the last week concerning Paul Ryan was his position on Medicare (The Ryan Plan) would be poison with senior citizens. In the line however seniors where impressed by Paul Ryan, a gentleman named Win Hutchenson attended with his grandchildren saying[...]

3. When I repeated the story of the Obama campaign "intentionally limiting crowd size at their events because of security and cost" concerning wanting smaller crowds" due to cost it consistently produced laughter (Even the clerk at the college book store laughed when I mentioned it when buying batteries for my camera). This can't be good for the Obama campaign.


Peter Ingemi (aka DaTechGuy) has several post event interview videos posted on his blog. Also, more videos can be viewed on his YouTube channel

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