August 20, 2012

Getty Images Publishes Image of Jewish Boy Urinating in Airport Toilet

Via Shalom Life

Nice. Getty published the photo of the kid peeing with this description:

"Ben Gurion Airport, Israel

A U.S. Jewish immigrant’s child uses the toilet when arriving at Ben Gurion Airport on August 14, 2012, near Tel Aviv, Israel. About 350 immigrants arrived on a special flight from the United States today and were greeted by Prime Minister Netanyahu during a ceremony at the airport.

127 of the new immigrants are expected to join the Israeli army in the next month."[More...]

They later removed the image
Getty images then sent out a message to all the news outlets to remove the image from their services and delete it from their servers.
The description did say he was using the toilet at the airport..WTF? If that isn't perverted I don't know what is.


h/t @CifWatch

Update: I put the image below the fold, where it belongs: screen capture 2012-8-20-22-30-40.jpg

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