August 20, 2012

Border Town Caught Lying About Data to Make Crime go "Down"

They say that there are lies, damn lies, and statistics. That isn't true. It's a myth that statistics can be made to "say anything you want them to". In fact, the reason we use statistics is to obtain less biased results then with non-empirical studies.

This doesn't mean that statistical analysis are perfect, just that they are usually less flawed than most of the alternatives.

But that is based on several assumptions about the statistics. The most important being that they are accurately reported.

So, when a Sheriff's department along the Texas/Mexico border actively under-reports crime then I'd say we have a problem:

But how accurate are the statistics that the local law enforcement agencies send their states and ultimately to the federal government? PJM/PJTV has obtained exclusive hidden camera video from inside the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office. In this video, a crime analyst – the person responsible for entering official data into the Uniform Crime Reporting system from the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office – admits that the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office manipulates its crime statistics systematically.
This is important for two reasons. First, it's fraud and the Sheriff in question is an elected Democrat. Second, it skews the crime data -- data used by President Obama to claim that we don't need tougher border enforcement because, Look, crime is down along the border!


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