August 20, 2012

Pakistani Muslims Thirst for 11-year-old Christian Girl's Blood

The worlds leading producer of unprocessed human excrement, Pakistans wonderful Muslime citizens want to set her on fire for "burning a Koran." Which as we all know, even an inaccurate rumor of a burned Koran is enough.

An 11-year-old Christian girl has been arrested and detained on charges of blasphemy for allegedly desecrating pages from the Quran in the Pakistan capital Islamabad.

According to a statement released by the President's office on Sunday, the girl, identified as Ramsha, was accused by a local resident of burning pages of the Muslim holy text after she gathered paper as fuel for cooking.

Niazi said that 150 people had gathered on Friday where the neighborhood's Christian population lived and threatened to burn down their houses.
"The mob wanted to burn the girl to give her a lesson," he told CNN.

Other Christian families living in the area have fled fearing a backlash, he added.

And they wonder why the rest of the world describes Pakistan as savages?

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