August 17, 2012

Pure Insanity


From The Huffinton Post (all emphasis mine):

Frantic wives searched for missing loved ones, President Jacob Zuma rushed home from a regional summit and some miners vowed a fight to the death Friday as police announced a shocking casualty toll from the previous day's shooting by officers of striking miners: 34 dead and 78 wounded.

Wives of miners at the Lonmin platinum mine northwest of Johannesburg took the place of dead and wounded husbands on Friday in staging a protest. But this time instead of asking for higher wages as the miners had done, the women demanded to know why police had opened fire Thursday with automatic rifles, pistols and shotguns on the strikers, many of whom had been armed with spears, machetes and clubs. Police said at a news conference that it was in self-defense, noting that strikers even possessed a pistol taken from a police officer they had beaten to death on Monday.

At least 10 other people were killed during the week-old strike, including two police officers battered to death by strikers and two mine security guards burned alive when strikers set their vehicle ablaze.

You can see in the video above, the armed miners did charge the police. The police had every right to defend themselves.

Some of you may be wondering why I used a liberal rag like The Huffington Post as a source. I surfed over there out of curiosity. I wanted to see how liberals are viewing this very clear instance of self defense by police.

That's where the real insanity begins. While a very few commenters justified the deadly forced used by police, a majority blamed corporate greed. Here's a sampling:

"This is just sickening. The world wide 1% are determined to take the most money to their graves and in doing so they are killing, destroying, maiming and forcing their will on everyone else."

"Now, that's how the 1% handles a strike!"

"This is massacre. The police chief has to be removed and those that guided this massacre detained and charged."

"If by mean tried, convicted, and executed then I agree."

"What they need to do now, to ensure that this never happens again, is to kill as many of the "police" that took part in this. They really do need to kill them. Kill them in their sleep."

"This is the Republicans vision for the future of the US. They want to eliminate unions so this happens instead. "

"Don't you just loooove the smell of guns and capitalism in the morning?"

"This was sick. The police should have had rubber bullets and more options other than lethal force. "

"Fascism.........................alive and well............."

"Shocking! Why would they do this? It benefits no one. Wreaks of Koch Brother tactics against Unions and workers rights unfortunately."

"Even if the miners did act violently, there was no reason for the police to use that amount of deadly force against them. There are MANY non lethal riot and crowd control weapons available to police"

Read more insanity.

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