August 17, 2012

Dave Chapelle: Prophet

I think we already covered the story of a leader of Hungary's openly antisemitic party who is Jewish. If not, mea culpa -- I intended to.

Anyway, someone sent me the link this morning and I couldn't help but think of that Chapelle Show skit about the blind black KKK leader.

Man, I wish Chapelle hadn't freaked out and stop doing his show. I miss his stuff.

On a related note I was listening to Fresh Air on NPR this morning and they were rerunning an interview with Sacha Baron Cohen about his movie The Dictator. Cohen is supposed to be some kind of "brave" comedian.

All I could think, though, during the interview was just how big of a giant pussy he is. There's nothing brave about what he does. He simply takes conventional liberal wisdom as a matter of course and then makes people who don't agree with him out to be fools.

There's nothing brave about agreeing with all of your peers and the people you surround yourself with. It's sycophantic.

So, like I said, he's a big pussy.

Funny sometimes -- I thought Borat was hilarious, his other films? Not so much -- but not brave.

Chappelle on the other hand? I have to hand it to him, he set out to offend every one and did. Even if that meant challenging conventional liberal wisdom.

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