August 15, 2012

Social Security Administration Prepares For Martial Law Civil Unrest

UPDATE By DMartyr: Okay, when I initially read this story, it did shock me. I associate the Social Security Administration with providing benefits to the elderly. So, at first, I didn't see a need for a large quantity of ammunition. But after reading responses, both in comments and Rusty's update, I see this really is an over-blown story. The SSA does employ law enforcement agents. They do have a fraud division that may need and use firearms. And the number of bullets ordered is relatively few if they are also used in training.

I concede my initial concern was unfounded and I apologize for posting this story. In my zeal to provide thought provoking topics here at The Jawa Report, I fail to research properly. I will leave the post up for the sake of discourse.

UPDATE: Changed some links and added the SSA request form (under the fold)

(Click to link to General Services Administration Request Page)

With hollow points:

First the DHS needed 450 million rounds of ammunition, then the NOAA requested 46,000 rounds, now we've discovered an online request at FBO.Gov calling for 174,000 rounds of ammunition for the Social Security Administration.

The request actually calls for 174K .357 hollow points that arguably have as much stopping power as any bullet out there, and hollow point to do as much damage to soft tissue as possible on top of that.

WTF? Okay, now I'm scared. Obama is not going to give up his power without a fight. And he doesn't care how many of us he has to take out to keep it.

In case some of you are unfamiliar with weapons and bullets, below the fold I've included two three very short videos, one showing the result of normal ammunition and the other showing the result of hollow points. Also below the fold, the Social Security Administrations request for the ammunition.

Obama Administration Prepares For Martial Law Domestic Riots During Election Season

UPDATE by Rusty: Just to make it clear, I do not think anything nefarious is going on here. Not at all. DMartyr got the link from Drudge who, as you know, can be a bit of a paranoid from time to time. Like all the recent links reporting *gasp* drones over US soil. As if somehow that was more shocking than the number of police helicopters already in the air.

Anyway, to put the numbers above in context think of how many Social Security offices there are in the US. Hundreds and hundreds. And think about how many of the larger ones have to have security guards. And think about how much 174,000 divided by the hundreds of security guards there are and you actually get a low number.

Some rough math yields something in the range from 150 - 300 rounds per guard.

Hell, I fire that much on any given weekend.

And for gun enthusiasts out there you know that you should be practicing with the same rounds you'd use under real life firing scenarios. Now, I know most of us don't do that. I personally only fire my more expensive rounds on rare occasions and shoot the cheap stuff when I'm having fun.

But I expect these government types should be shooting the more expensive stuff when practicing.

Moreover, if the armed guards carry badges then I'd expect that they'd be required to be at the range at least once a month. Which means at least one clip's worth every 30 days. Assuming they are carrying Glock 31s with a standard 15 round clip then that's 180 rounds fired on the practice range per officer per year.

You see how that ads up real quick?

The reason I'm going on about this is because this is how conspiracy theories get spread. They take an actual fact, but without context try to shock the reader into thinking something abnormal or nefarious is going on. When in actuality 174k hollow points isn't that many. Even for an agency like the Social Security Administration.

Regular ammunition:

Hollow point:

And a BONUS video - side by comparison of the bullets:

The SSA's request form:

SSA 357 Sig Ammo RFQ

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