August 15, 2012

Lulz: "American Muslim Political Action Committee" Headed by Democrat, Truther

I saw this story over at the Washington Free Beacon and just couldn't pass. I wanted to, but my Zionist controllers in the Illuminati wouldn't let me.

MD Rabbi Alam served as chairman of the National Democratic Party Asian American Caucus, was a local campaign manager for Barack Obama, and has been invited to the White House. He just lost his bid to become the Democratic party's nominee to for the Missouri Secretary of State.

No doubt his defeat was orchestrated by ... *cough* .... monied interests in New York.

Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge. Say no more.

He tells The Washington Free Beacon:

Asked if he considers himself “anti-Zionist,” Alam responded, “No, I do not.”
Yet the AMPAC website's FAQ states:
A: The history of the Jewish-Zionist lobby AIPAC shows that it is more effective to be “radical” and express one's views strongly and honestly, than to be fearful and timid. The best defense is a good offense. Most of our seemingly “radical” positions are closely aligned with the views of the majority of the American people, who oppose the 9/11 wars, want to cut military spending, dislike the Patriot Act and other unconstitutional laws, and hate big bankster usury. Polls even show that 36% of the American people think it is likely that 9/11 was a false-flag operation! That is more people than voted for President Obama.
And just so you don't take any of this the wrong way, AMPAC will be a non-partisan PAC:
AMPAC is nonpartisan. But our support for candidates will be partly determined by their positions on issues important to Muslims. For example, in the Republican Party, Mitt Romney is a strong supporter of Zionism and the “war on terror” while Ron Paul is not, so we would be inclined to support Paul over Romney.
Go read the whole story. The website's owner claims he didn't know what was on the website. Which might have been believable -- honestly, I don't know everything on my own website, especially the gay porn posted by Howie -- except for the fact that Mr. Alam seems to be the sole author and this isn't some random post, but rather the FAQ page.

I've backed the website up just in case all of the offending material mysteriously disappears.

Here's a bit of the really good stuff just so you know the above aren't isolated or out-of-context quote:

Q: What are “the views and values of Muslims?” Aren't Muslims diverse in their political views?

A: AMPAC will focus on those issues that are of special importance to the Muslim community, and where there is a significant degree of agreement among Muslims. For example, there is widespread agreement in the community (though this is censored by the current leadership) that the “war on terror” is a hoax and that the official story of 9/11 is not true. See: Since Muslims have suffered extreme discrimination due to the phony “war on terror,” this issue deserves to be at the top of Muslims' list of political priorities. Also, the majority of Muslims are pro-peace, anti-Terrorist, and opposed to usury (riba). Perhaps most importantly, Muslims oppose corruption (al-fasaad) and support clean, honest and transparent governance. We will support candidates according to their positions on these and other important issues.

By the way, that link in the quote above takes you to this:
Many Muslims in America don’t believe that any Muslims were involved in the 9/11 attacks. A 2007 Pew Research Center study found that 60 percent of Muslims in America are not convinced that Arabs were involved in 9/11; 40 percent do believe Arabs were involved. Pew confirmed the findings of a poll, conducted on the fifth anniversary of 9/11, at the Islamic Society of North America’s (ISNA) annual convention, which found that 62 percent of American Muslims are not convinced that Muslims were involved in 9/11; 38 percent do believe Muslims were involved. A 2002 Hamilton College/Zogby International poll of Muslims (citizens and non-citizens) living in America found that 66% are not convinced that Al Qaeda carried out the 9/11 attacks; 34% said Al Qaeda carried out the 9/11 attacks.

The poll at the ISNA convention also showed that most American Muslims are unconvinced that al-Qaeda is a real organization, operated by Muslims who are trying to attack America. (And the poll showed that most American Muslims are unconvinced that Muslims committed the July 2005 train and bus bombings in London.)

Many also believe that alleged plots discovered since 9/11 were set-ups by government informants, entrapping Muslims who posed no real threat to America....

The Pew study found that 74 percent of Muslims in America don’t believe America’s “War on Terror” is a sincere effort to reduce international terrorism. The poll at the ISNA convention showed that 68 percent of American Muslims believe the American government is at war with the religion of Islam.

So, if Arabs and Muslims weren't behind 9/11, who was? They don't say, but a composite sketch drawn up various non-eyewitnesses gives us the following rough visual of the identity of the perpetrators.


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