August 14, 2012

Business Leaving Obama's Home State

If you want to know the effect of Illinois Democrat policies on business, ask no further than Democrat State Sen. Mike Frerichs.

Warner Todd Huston writes today about Democrat State Sen. Mike Frerichs (photo right) who is running for reelection in the 52nd District against John Bambenek. Warner writes about how Frerichs claims(sic) he’s about small businesses in Illinois. Yet, things have gotten so bad during his term in office that his own family is moving their business out of Illinois and into Indiana.
Gayle Frerichs, who lives in Tuscola but drives 60 miles one-way to his company headquarters in Covington, said he didn’t like to get thrown into the middle of a political campaign. But he confirmed many of Bambenek’s points about Illinois and its business climate.

He said he saved between $90,000 and $100,000 a year by moving his business to Indiana. Much of the saving was in reduced workers compensation costs, but he also has lower costs in taxes, license plates and health care for his 20 or so employees.

…Gayle Frerichs said he had been looking into moving his business out of Illinois for some time. “But the final straw was when Illinois raised its income taxes. That did it for me,” he said.

These are the same tax, borrow and spend policies that Barack Obama cut his teeth on in Illinois state government, the same policies he is now bringing to to whole of America.

Hat Tip: Chip.

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