August 14, 2012

Muslim Hospital Tech Hates Jews Loves Porn

If they wheel you into the operating room and you see this dude there, he'll be ignoring your heart lung machine, fapping and praising Allah during the procedure. Now just relax.


NY Post:

A Mount Sinai Hospital technician — responsible for running complicated equipment during open-heart surgeries — watched porn on his smartphone as patients lay with their lives in the balance just inches away, according to a bombshell lawsuit by former cardiovascular tech Sandra Morris.

She said Cercioglu’s porn habit was so “commonplace [in the operating room] that other perfusionists routinely joked about his behavior,” according to the lawsuit she filed last week.

In her suit, filed July 31, Morris also alleged that Cercioglu, a Muslim, regularly degraded her for being female and an observant Jew. He went so far as to blast her publicly as a “dumb Jew bitch” in front of co-workers, the lawsuit claims.

“Ms. Morris was told several times [by Cercioglu and Lazala] . . . that she cannot work on [those] cases because she doesn’t have a ‘d--k,’ ” her suit claims.

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