August 10, 2012

Video: Obama: Let's Repeat Auto Bailout With Every Industry

Pres. Obama says at a campaign event in Pueblo, CO that he wants to repeat the auto bailout in every industry (August 9, 2012).

Yesterday, Ace noted Politico has now "fixed" the story

because they claim they were "unclear" about Obama's intent, about his main thrust. Although they don't say so, they're attempting to now say Obama did not mean he wants to heavily invest government money in every industry -- even though his actual examples are about precisely that (subsidies for the wind farm industry, for example).

Another case where the Obama Palace Guard actually has a scoop but refuses to report it, or at least report it as such -- thus Drudge sweeps in and gets it right.

And Drudge does get it right, despite Politico's attempt to cover up yet another "I didn't say that" moment by Obama.

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