August 10, 2012

Cornhole Watch: Naser Jason Abdo Gets Double Life +60 Years

Islamic terrorist Jason Abdo will be spending a long long long time in Federal Pound Jason in the Ass Prison.


federal judge this morning sentenced Pfc. Naser Jason Abdo to two consecutive life sentences, plus 60 years in prison for plotting to bomb and shoot Fort Hood soldiers in 2011.
Abdo, who represented himself at the sentencing hearing after dismissing his court-appointed lawyers last month, told U.S. District Judge Walter Smith that he remains committed to “jihad,” an Arabic word meaning struggle, that in some Islamic contexts can mean holy war.

“I don’t ask the court for mercy because Allah is the one who gives me mercy,” Adbo said, referring to God in Arabic. He said he was motivated by what he called crimes committed by the U.S. and the U.S. military against Muslims.
“I have continued to answer the call of jihad and will continue to the day I am called to account for my deeds,” he continued

Yeah? Well I guess Allah will have to wait 60 years past your second death.

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