August 09, 2012

Mali Muslims Hope To Win Hearts And Minds

The Religion of Peace™...

An armed Islamist group occupying northern Mali said Thursday it hopes to win over the country's south to its ideology and create an Islamic state. [...]

"We hope to be able to peacefully convince the people of this country (southern Mali) to join us so that all our efforts can be directed against the common enemy," Ansar Dine spokesman Senda Ould Boumama told an Islamist website called "Defenders of Jihadists".

The "common enemy" was described as non-Muslim "miscreants". [...]

On Wednesday MUJAO cut off a thief's hand, 10 days after Ansar Dine publicly stoned an unmarried couple to death.

Yes, a few peacefully amputated limbs and a good peaceful stoning always wins the crowds over.

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