August 08, 2012

CNN: Obama Super PAC Lying About Romney “Cancer Victim”

If you're in a swing state you may have already seen an ad claiming a man's wife died because Bain capital shut down his factory and he lost health insurance. The implication being that Romney killed this guy's wife.

What the ad doesn't tell you is that: a) the steel plant was already going bankrupt before Bain capital bought it; b) that Bain tried and failed to turn the steel plant around; c) that Mitt Romney had left Bain capital two years before the plant was closed, the relationship he had with the company after that was simply pro-forma; d) the man's wife had health insurance from her employer, even after the man was laid off; e) the woman wasn't diagnosed with cancer until 7 years after Mitt Romney left Bain.

Now, this CNN report I've posted below never goes so far as to say the advertisement is a "lie", instead calling it "inaccurate". That's about as good as we can expect from a network clearly in the bag for Obama.

But this isn't just an inaccurate ad, it's a disgusting falsification trying to pin the death of a woman on Mitt Romney which in my mind is the worst kind of lie I've seen yet coming from the Obama camp.

People die every day. People with health insurance die every day. People with health insurance die every day from cancer that isn't detected until it's too late.

I blame Obama. I'm sure I could construct some sort of "relationship" between the President, his actions, and the "victim" which are just as valid, and just as tenuous, as the one constructed between Mitt Romney and this man's wife.

Here's the report:

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