August 08, 2012

Lifestyle Fascist Adam Smith Also Obama2012 Donor


An Adam Smith of Tuscon, Arizona, donated $250 to Obama For America on May 10, 2012. This Smith listed his address as “Engineering and Research Associates Inc.” Engineering and Research Associates Inc. is the full business title of Vante. Is America’s most unpleasant Chick-fil-A customer also an Obama supporter? It’s interesting to note that the FEC records the donation as coming in on May 10 – that's one day after the President issued his formal support for gay marriage on May 9.

But most times liberal anger expresses as a lifestyle fascism so perverse in its mix of total liberty and totalitarianism that it reads like a Monty Python sketch written by Michel Foucault. “You must be free – whether you like it or not.” Hillary Rosen thinks housewives are lazy princesses. Michael Bloomberg wants to be the world’s dietician. Barack Obama would force churches to choose contraception over conscience. The causes may be just, but they do not justify the use of state power to coerce agreement with them. Moreover, they all involve the use of extreme language that demonises opponents. In one of its latest ads, Obama’s SuperPAC basically accuses Mitt Romney of firing a man and then killing his wife.

If you're objecting to the use of the word Fascist. Well, Rahm Emanuel and other leftist government officials were behaving in a fascist manner when they sought to ban Chic Fil A from doing business in their cities. In these cases the autocratic politicians sought to impose their will and values upon the private sector through their power as public officials. Yup.

Update: See what I mean.

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