August 08, 2012

Wisconsin Gunman Wade Michael Page's Ex-Girlfriend Arrested

Hate on display: Undated photo of Misty Cook

Possessing a firearm is a no no for a convicted felon

Police say they have arrested the former girlfriend of Wade Michael Page, the man who allegedly shot and killed six people in a Sikh temple, after authorities say they found a gun in her Milwaukee home.

Cook was taken into custody on the grounds that she is prohibited from having a gun as a convicted felon, a federal law enforcement official said. Cook was convicted in 2002 for fleeing and eluding a traffic officer.

Milwaukee police released a statement Tuesday after the arrest of Misty Cook, saying, "In a joint investigation with the FBI, the South Milwaukee Police Department has arrested Misty Cook on the crime of felon in possession of a firearm. Charges will be sought through the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office."[...]

University of Nebraska criminology professor Pete Simi didn't comment on Cook but says he interviewed Page for a project researching white supremacists from 2001-03.

"When he joined his first white power music band, this really changed his life," he said, adding that Page told him his neo-Nazi beliefs came after serving in the Army.[Natch, bring the military into this. Nappy must be proud...ed]

"He [Page] saw and experienced things that angered him, convinced him whites were victimized," Simi said.

Cook might be able to fill in the gaps of what transpired in the weeks and months prior to Sunday's shooting, sources said. Cook's relationship with Page fell apart in the weeks leading up to his alleged shooting spree.

I watched a newscast and they noted she works across the street from the Sikh Temple.

Update: Wade Michael Page is dead, having shot himself in the head.


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