August 08, 2012

While Obama Gives Amnesty To Illegals, Hard-Working Productive Legal Immigrants Are Being Deported

UPDATE II: links removed over privacy concerns (Thanks, Dude). FoxNews is now reporting Laura will be able to stay in America thanks to the intervention by Sen. Claire McCaskill.

UPDATE: Some in comments are questioning the facts presented so far in this case. There may very well be more involved here. I'll keep an eye for new information, both in the news and in comments.

Obama's DREAM Act only applies to illegal immigrants - those who have violated and disrespected our laws. Immigrants who have come to America the correct way, those who have respected and obeyed our laws, do not have protection.


One example, Laura Gray. Her family came to America legally. Her parents and grandparents did everything they were supposed to do under our laws. But when Laura turned 21 today, her visa ran out.

Laura's family have started a petition (emphasis their's):

On August 8th, when she turns twenty-one Lauren will no longer be allowed to be a dependent on her parents visa's. She will be forced to leave the place that she calls home, and deported to a country that is very "foreign" to her. Her family, friends and everything she knows and loves are all here in the United States. In many eyes, Lauren is already an upstanding citizen.

Obama recently announced the DREAM Act which will allow illegal immigrants under 35, who came to the United States as minors, a temporary work visa. If they serve two years in the military or complete two years of higher education they are also granted six years of temporary residency. Lauren meets every qualification for Obama's DREAM Act, except she has done one thing wrong. She did everything right. Since Lauren is here as a legal immigrant, and her parents have patiently worked with the United States government since 2003 to legalize all members of their family, the DREAM ACT will not honor her.

Wrong nationality, wrong language, wrong mentality about the United States. Laura, you should have learn Spanish, come to America illegally through Mexico, and then paraded your hatred for this country for all to see while demanding free handouts from the American tax-payer.

Then you would have qualified to stay here.

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