August 02, 2012

ICNA Embraces America's Favorite Salafi Preacher



Yasir Qadhi, billed by the New York Times as "one of the most influential conservative clerics in American Islam," recently told one of the nation's largest Islamic conferences that the Quran "destroys" American capitalism.

"Who amongst us would have predicted five years ago that this nation would despise and hate the very [economic] system that they used to claim was the reason for their success?" he asked hundreds at a session of the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA)'s national conference in late May. "Now the system has been destroyed and demolished. Now 99 percent of America is saying Occupy Wall Street."

"This is a Pharonic society that we enjoy the pyramids, but you cannot enjoy pyramids without millions of slaves. And this is what this society has become," Qadhi said, repeating a classic Muslim metaphor for a society filled with corruption. Although his speech was intended to introduce a Somali charity worker, Qadhi used his time to call for converting America and radically altering its culture.[...]

Qadhi didn't limit his comments to attacking America's economic system. He argued that had the Muslims engaged OWS protesters, they might have taken control of the movement and made huge gains in converts.[More...]

Ahh, OWS, Islamofacists heart you. How fitting.

Image credit: Leading Malaysian Neocon

Oh, about the 99% of Americans are against capitalism comment by Qadhi. Go poop on a cop car or something, bitch. Then, shove your beloved Shariah up your arse.

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