July 31, 2012

Lulz: Wife of Retarded Would-be Terrorist Charged

Richard Dart, aka Salahuddin al-Britani

In the world of online jihad he was known as "Salahuddin Al Britani", but to the government that sent him welfare checks he was Richard Dart. Dart and a number of his friends were recently arrested as they tried to head to Pakistan for jihadi training. Dart's wife, Ayan Hadi, is charged with covering up her husband's crime.

Notice that she's allowed to wear a full niqab to the hearing, with only her eyes showing. You'd think as a matter of safety, of public record, and of procedural due process that she'd be forced to show her face.

Oh, and she's pregnant. Which has all of the terror supporters on the intertubez crying foul. Apparently the kuffar are supposed to let terrorist supporters go when they get themselves knocked up:

Ayan Hadi, 30, who is pregnant, is due to appear before magistrates in September accused of withholding information about the preparation of acts of terrorism, the Old Bailey heard.

Her husband, Richard Dart, has been charged with travelling to Asia for terrorism training....

Wearing full-length Islamic dress, including a veil that showed only her eyes, she appeared via video-link from Holloway prison.

Here's a video of Dart. Notice that it's on the YouTube page of Muslims Against Crusades, another among a long list of groups once run by Anjem Choudary which are now banned in the UK.

The BBC also featured Dart in a video called "My Brother the Islamist" in which he calls himself a "jihadist" and admits supporting al Qaeda. The video also records Dart's conversion to Islam, the shahada administered by none other than .... Anjem Choudary.

Which means that Dart was on everyone's radar and he knew it. So, in addition to being a would-be terrorist, he's also a retard. Which is kind of redundant, I know.

So, where's Choudary today? Not in jail. In fact, he posted a video to his YouTube page yesterday.

Since the number of close associates of Anjem Choudary presently in jail must be well over two dozen now, then it seems increasingly likely that the Brits are either intentionally not prosecuting him because he's a magnet to terrorists or that he's worked out a deal with the government in which he turns over the really serious terrorists to them.

I'm increasingly inclined to believe the latter. Which, by Choudary's own belief system, makes him a traitor.

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