July 24, 2012

Bulgarian PM: Bus Attacker Part of Larger Terror Cell

Bulgaria's PM doesn't go far as to name Hezbollah as behind the attack, but the message seems pretty clear: it was Hezbollah

The suicide bomber who killed six people in Bulgaria last week was part of a sophisticated group of conspirators, Prime Minister Boiko Borisov has said.

He said the group had arrived in Bulgaria a month before the attack....

hose involved used "leased vehicles, they moved in different cities so as not to be seen together, and no two of them can be seen in one place on any security camera".

"There was absolutely no chance of preventing such an act of violence," the prime minister insisted.

"We could have only detected it by chance or if we had been informed by the services that such activities were under way in Bulgaria."

Meanwhile, our morally superior cohorts in the EU have once again declined the chance of labeling Hezbollah a terrorist organization.

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