June 28, 2012

Video: Taliban Behead 17 POWs

The graphic video below was posted by The Long War Journal, but is a propaganda video produced by the Pakistani Taliban. Go check out Roggio's post for the entire back story.

But let's just think about that for a second: the Taliban were so proud of this act of horror that they videotaped it and sent it to journalists.

Now, let's compare that to the alleged "atrocities" committed by US troops. The accidental burning of a book. And soldiers urinating on a dead guy's body.

In the former case, it was an accident. We apologized.

In the latter case the soldiers involved have been punished. We apologized.

But the Taliban intentionally murdered these POWs. They killed them in cold blood. And they're proud of it. In fact, so proud, that they put together a 5 minute documentary on the subject, thank you very much.

These aren't abstract violations of the Geneva Conventions in which someone's feelings are hurt. These are violations in the most literal and direct sense of those international codes which were designed to protect prisoners of war. The Taliban murders its POWs. Kills them. There is no more basic violation of the laws of war than that. And the Taliban are proud of it.

If you don't understand the difference between us and them then you are retarded.

The video is below the fold. WARNING: VERY GRAPHIC. It shows the decapitated heads of the Pakistani soldiers who were murdered and although I don't speak Urdu, I do recognize the Arabic word "murtadeen" used over and over again. It means apostate, and the POWs were beheaded for a violation of Islamic law. Yes, the death penalty is the proscribed punishment under sharia for apostasy.

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