June 26, 2012

The New Egypt: Reporter Recalls Mob Sexual Assault at Tahrir Square by Muslim Brotherhood Celebrants

This is horrible. Don't read it if you are squeamish.

The short version: Western journalist Natasha Smith was in Tahrir square making a documentary, when a mob decided that her blonde hair and Western attire gave them license to molest her in the most horrible fashion. And I mean it, it's horrible.

The title of the post is, "Please God, make it stop," and it accurately describes what follows.

What's most insane about all of this is that Smith notes how the mob who did the most disgusting things to her had probably felt license to do so because they had been egged on by the new Egyptian media which warns people that foreigners in their midsts are there to do harm.

And then she was refused treatment at the hospital, apparently because she wasn't a virgin before this act of horror occurred.

The mob was made up of Muslim Brotherhood enthusiasts celebrating their victory.

We still give these people $1.3 billion a year.

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