June 26, 2012

Video: Dearborn Police Stand Idly by While Muslim Mob Attacks Christian Preachers

I wish the title were inaccurate. It isn't. Not only do the Dearborn Police do nothing, they then blame the victims of the assault -- threatening them with arrest -- and ask them to leave.

I have to say that I'm not all that enthusiastic about this kind of street preaching. It's not the street preaching, per se, it's the simplistic fundamentalism combined with the intentionally confrontational tactics. But it is Constitutionally protected free speech.

And the police here seem more worried about angering the mob than about protecting victims of violence.

This same group sued Dearborn for something similar that happened a couple of years ago, and won. I'm guessing that another lawsuit will be coming and Dearborn will once again fund this group's continued activities for the next few years.

Some people never learn. Even the hard way.

Thanks to Screwy Puppy.

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